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8 March 2014

How to Build Your Online Author Platform: 100 Practical Tips

There are so many new books published every day, your best work can languish unnoticed - unless you can help it stand out in some way. On-line platform building is not about self-promotion, it is a long term ‘organic’ process and different for every author. 

All authors also need to find the right balance between writing and raising awareness of their work. The rise of social media and free online book publicity sites mean this has never been easier. The problem is that there is increased competition from other authors who have learned to use on-line tools more effectively. 

It can be a steep learning curve, so the 100 practical tips here will help save you precious writing time and suggest ideas. Based on four years of successful experience, each of the main social media platforms are considered in turn, with ten ‘top tips’ for each, rounding off with a chapter on free book promotion websites. No specific knowledge is assumed and useful links are provided to further information. 

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