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7 March 2014

The Baltic Falcon by Lynn Williams

- A story common to all wars -
A romance without physical boundaries or borders of time 

In the immediate aftermath of the Great War, the Baltic became a highly contested territory between those who sought independence, the imperialistic old guard, and the new Bolshevism which threatened to consume all before it. Into this frenzy of civil war poured the German Freikorps with its own agenda, though some viewed it as a liberating force. 

Within its ranks were mercenaries, like Kessler, and secret patriots like Steiger, both of whom contribute to the narrative of The Baltic Falcon, which is more than just a novel of their time. This gripping account of the impact of the Great War and the Russian Revolution on individuals and families close to the action leads to the search for answers in the fractured memory of the main protagonist and his alter ego in the present day of military threats, terrorism and recent events in Ukraine.  

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