4 July 2014

Book Review ~ MURDER, Now and Then: Murder Mystery 1919 to 2019, by Diana Jackson

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Think Midsomer murders meets Bergerac, set in the near future and based on an actual murder that took place in 1919, and you'll have a good idea of what to expect from Diana Jackson's latest thriller. Unlikely coincidences keep you guessing and, in classic murder mystery style, have you changing your mind several times about the killer's identity - or who the next victim might be.

I particularly liked the evocative scenes set in Diana's much-loved Channel Islands and could easily imagine this book as a successful  TV drama. The eventual denouement is original and inventive - I definitely didn't see it coming!  Highly recommended, Murder, Now and Then is one of those books you can't put down until the mystery is solved.

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About the Author
Diana Jackson is a full time author living in Bedfordshire, UK. When not writing, Diana’s other passions are social history, gardening, cooking her own produce, following her husband’s rock and roll band and her more recent absorbing interest in early flight, especially flying boats. Inspired by her great grandmother, an Alderney girl, her  ‘Riduna Series’ novels take the reader from the mid Victorian era through to 1920. Diana now plans a third in the series to the mid thirties. To find out about Diana Jackson’s other writing projects, you can visit her blog http://dianamj.wordpress.com/ and find her on Twitter @Riduna

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