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27 July 2014

New Book Review ~ A Lonely Magic‏ by Sarah Wynde

Nothing is what it seems in a glittering new fantasy
by best-selling author Sarah Wynde 

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Prepare to be amazed: A world without any books? A place where Google is unheard of? I should mention that Sarah Wynde's new fantasy A Lonely Magic is also set in a secret location deep under the ocean, from where 'watchers' visit the surface to check out human progress.

It is really when we take the plunge to the mysterious underwater world that we see Sarah's creative imagination notch up a gear, with a whole civilisation to get your head around. Rather than take the easy option and slip into complete fantasy, I liked the way Sarah has gone to the trouble of providing the 'magic' of the title with an almost plausible quasi-scientific explanation.

Well paced and easy to read, with a great cast of characters, I'm sure we'll hear more of in the future. Recommended!

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About the Author

Sarah Wynde graduated from Wesleyan University with a degree in English. She worked as an editor for magazines and books, including ten years with Pearson as a senior acquisitions editor, before her love of writing pushed her into independent publishing. She writes unexpected fiction, stories that bend, blend, and occasionally break genres. Find out more at her website and find Sarah on Twitter @Wyndes

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