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9 July 2014

Guest Post ~ Date Like a Grownup: Helping Self Led to Self-Help by Heather Dugan

Available in Paperback and ebook now on Amazon US and Amazon UK

Most friends probably stick with a box of tissues and verbal sympathy, but when I found myself continually sharing the same pieces of advice, I finally organized it all into a book: Date Like a Grownup: Anecdotes, Admissions of Guilt and Advice Between Friends. It's the book I needed—but couldn't find—following my divorce in 2006: a manual for dating well and creating a bigger, better life as a single adult.

My divorce was terrifically isolating, and I've found that to be a common experience. It's awkward and even shameful to some—a public "doesn't play with others" comment on a very private and painful dysfunction. Frequently, a resultant loneliness skews perspective and can send the newly single into a spin cycle of repetitive unhealthy relationships—or toward even deeper isolation. Pile on all the physical life changes, financial, legal and residential; amplify all the responsibilities of parenthood—and it can be an overwhelming challenge! Once, I found my way forward, it was a natural instinct to reach a hand back to those still struggling through.

Heather Dugan

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About the Author

Heather Dugan is a nationally syndicated columnist, speaker and voice/video actor with a focus on creative communication and human connection. Her newest book, Date Like a Grownup: Anecdotes, Admissions of Guilt& Advice Between Friends  examines the impact of loneliness and social obsolescence on men and women in their second single lives, and provides punctuating proof that looking for love from a place of isolation is as unwise as grocery shopping on an empty stomach.

Turning challenges into opportunities for achievement enabled this divorced single mom to effect positive transformation and find value in even life's darkest places. Heather's public speaking and radio/TV interview topics include life launching; divorce, dating and relationships; navigating grief and healthcare patient responsibility as well as work/family issues related to her advicecolumn at Connect with Heather on Twitter, LinkedIn or Facebook. For information on upcoming book events and radio/TV interviews, visit her website:

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