2 July 2014

Guest Post ~ A world where all is not what it seems by Caroline Gleave

When he finds a hidden map and a scripture washed up with an unusual body, Daimeh’s idyllic life changes forever.

The Alkoryn Chronicles: Part I Scripture from the Past:
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Firstly I would like to thank Tony for asking me to guest post on his blog. It is very much appreciated. My preferred genre has always been science-fiction, fantasy and even a bit of horror. The idea for ‘The Alkoryn Chronicles’ started when I was young and I have always been interested in the interactions of science, technology and biology. Arthur C.Clarke's Third Law ‘Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic’ inspired my ideas for the story.  There are fantasy elements alongside science-fiction and I examine the relationship between the two. What is fantasy and magical to one character may be scientific technology to another character.

Later in life I decided to turn that idea into a book and wrote the first chapter. I wasn’t able to finish it at the time due to my intense studying and earned BSc (hon) in Natural Sciences, a MSc in Computer-based Information Systems and a Postgraduate Certificate in Computer Aided Graphical and Technological Applications.

Fifteen years later I found that first chapter and it inspired me to continue writing again. I have no qualifications in writing except as a hobbyist, so writing my first novel was a real challenge. I’m glad I persevered and self-published. Since then,  I have been offered a contract to re-publish a revised edition of the book, which I am very excited about. I have also been offered a contract for ‘Part II: Land of Eternal Stars.’ It is still in its early stages so there is no release date yet.

I have created a rich alternative world full of its own animals, vegetation and dynamic landscapes, from jungles to deserts to volcanoes. It is a unique world where its axis only allows the sun to shine on one side, leaving the other side in complete darkness. I have tried to give the locations in the book a real sense of life and place. I wanted to make them as believable as possible. I would always tell myself whilst writing. “My characters deserve a real place to live.”

As the first book in the series ‘Part I: Scripture from the Past’ introduces the reader to the world of Alkoryn, a humble idyllic setting, where the sun never sets. I wanted to give Alkoryn a radiance of harmony, peace and high morality and the Alkoryn people a self-sufficient community who are highly productive without being industrious. Daimeh's life changes when he finds an unusually alien body washed up on the shore of the glorious Galunda Bay. What had burdened the bay?

His aunt Cresadir performs an autopsy on the body and as the story unfolds, Daimeh realises all is not what it seems and the opportunity arises for him to explore beyond the borders of Alkoryn. With his aunt by his side they embark on a journey they had only dreamt of and reveal an enriched world of mysterious technology, peculiar creatures and an advanced civilisation; secretive and led by a single council who seek to evolve themselves into a perfect race.

'Part I' focuses on the light side of the planet and 'Part II' the dark side. This does not necessarily mean good and evil. Although I have always enjoyed the concept, I wished to pull it apart a bit and offer a neutrality between the two. You decide which side you are on.

Caroline Gleave
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About the Author

Caroline-Jayne Gleave grew up in Pity Me, a small suburb near Durham City and now lives in Esh Winning. She studied sciences at University of Durham and continued her studies to a postgraduate level.

She was very sporty when she was younger and in her early twenties she became an Olympian, her chosen sport being women's ice hockey. Now, she is a clothes designer and runs her own business from home. When she is not working or writing she enjoys movies, tv series, gaming and designing. You can find Caroline on Twitter @QissQasai and Facebook, as well as on her blog The Alkoryn Chronicles

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