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12 March 2015

Book Launch Guest Post - Over the Deep: A Titanic Adventure, by Samantha Wilcoxson

Ten year old Edwin is surprised to learn that he will be travelling to America on the famous new Titanic. Even more shocking is that he will be going with grandparents he has never known. Why does his mother want to send him away?  Soon he is caught up in exploring the safest, most luxurious ocean liner ever built as it crosses the Atlantic for the first time. What could go wrong?

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The story of the Titanic’s tragic maiden voyage is one that continues to capture the hearts of people across the world even a century later. This retelling focuses on a young Welsh boy who explores the ship, meeting men such as Thomas Andrews, Bruce Ismay, and Captain Smith. Edwin learns secrets about his own family’s past and forms relationships with his newly discovered grandparents along the way as well. 

This novel is filled with historical facts about the Titanic and many of the people who were on board, all woven into Edwin’s fictional story. Edwin befriends Douglas Spedden, Frankie Goldsmith, and Jack Thayer Jr., who are real Titanic survivors. The reader is also introduced to Walter, a fictional character who becomes Edwin’s best friend. When the ship sinks, and Edwin ends up in a lifeboat separated from everyone he knows, he wonders if he has survived the worst only to be abandoned in the middle of the Atlantic.

Over the Deep is my second novel for children and my first adventure into writing historical fiction. It is said that you should write the book that you want to read, and that is why I redirected my writing this way. I am an avid reader of historical fiction that is packed with facts and real historical figures, so that is how I wrote Over the Deep.

In writing No Such Thing as Perfect and Over the Deep I strive to write for children but without condescending to them. I believe in using interesting vocabulary, sharing life’s truths, and giving each reader something to think about while entertaining them with a great story. The main character of Over the Deep is Edwin. He may be only 10 years old, but he undertakes a voyage of epic proportions and meets many exciting people along the way.

The story of the Titanic is a tragedy, and I do not sugarcoat that for my young readers but I do leave them with a message of hope. This novel is appropriate for readers of a 4th or 5th grade reading level and is available on Amazon in paperback and on Kindle.

I firmly believe that there is no such thing as a child who does not enjoy reading, but many give up before finding the right book. By creating my story around that of the Titanic, I hope to captivate a few young readers who may have been tempted to give up searching for books that interest them. In Edwin, I hope that they can see a little bit of themselves.

My next novel, which will be released later this year is biographical fiction featuring Elizabeth of York. As a daughter, sister, niece, wife, and mother of kings, this Plantagenet Princess and Tudor Queen makes an exciting study. I look forward to sharing this with my adult readers.

Samantha Wilcoxson
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About the Author

Samantha Wilcoxson is an American writer and history enthusiast. Her writing style, which has been greatly influenced by the writing of Sharon Kay Penman, weaves together historical facts with fascinating fictional characters and entertaining adventure. Samantha also works as a freelance writer, providing a wide variety of articles and web content to clients across the globe. Living on a small lake in southwest Michigan with three children, two dogs, and two cats, Samantha has plenty of writing inspiration. To find out more connect with Samantha on Goodreads or on Twitter @carpe_librum.

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