10 March 2015

Guest Post ~ The Taking (Tales of Malstria Book 1) by Traci Robison

Amarys of Rensweald wants to live without limits. Three generations have passed since the knight LeMerle carved out his realm but legends of his atrocities during the Norman Conquest have only grown in the years between. When the castle he built becomes her home, Amarys is terrorized by increasingly violent dreams and begins to sense she is changing. Now she must face the monster she has released.

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Inspired by classic gothic literature, The Taking is a young woman’s coming of age story set in 12th century England. It is an old-fashioned gothic tale with a new twist. What happens when the novel’s heroine does not want to be saved?

I began writing The Taking while I was in graduate school, working toward a master’s degree in museum studies. Studying medieval culture, history, and iconography filled my mind with the details that bring the settings and characters to life. Like many traditional gothic novels, The Taking blends an artistic conception of history with uncanny, supernatural qualities and considers difficult moral questions. Purposeful ambiguity allows readers to experience the novel in a unique way based on their personal beliefs and experiences.

The Taking is a novel of secrets. Throughout the book, subtle clues reveal another story behind the central action. Dreams reveal subconscious knowledge. Artwork, colors, scents, and settings work as secret codes. On the surface, The Taking is the story of a girl swept away from home to be caught up in love and danger. What lies beneath is raw, sometimes ugly, and fearlessly honest.

Traci Robison
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About the Author

Traci Robison focused on medieval history and culture while completing her MA in museum studies at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. She works as a writer and archivist, often drawing inspiration from the unique historic documents she encounters. Set in medieval and ancient cultures, her completed novels and ongoing projects blend elements of fantasy, horror, and historical genres. Learn more about her work and find links to historical sources at TraciRobison.com. For the latest updates, follow her blog Jots Beyond the Margin and the Traci Robison author page on Facebook. You'll also find her on Twitter @TraciJRobison.

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