17 March 2015

Guest Post by David K Saunders, Author of The Dreams of Kings

In the year 1464, the Kingdom is engulfed by civil war as the renowned houses of Lancaster and York fight to the death for the crown of England. Richard, Duke of Gloucester, the future ‘Richard III’, arrives, aged twelve, for the safety of Middleham Castle to begin his training for knighthood. His new companions discover he can change from kindness to cold rage within the wink of an eye. Men, it was said, watched him with wary eyes, for they knew when the young pup found his teeth, he would make a dangerous enemy. 

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My journey to writing The Dreams of Kings started when my mother, an avid lover of history wanted to see the Laurence Olivier films of King Henry V and Richard III, which had been re-released. I have three sisters and a brother, and none of us wanted to spend an afternoon watching Shakespeare but I ended up being the one who agreed to keep mum company and so I towed along. I was 13 or 14 and thought I was in for a really boring time. I’d read Shakespeare at school and had found it all rather dry and boring. But as soon as it started I fell in love with the language, the history, the story. And when we went back to see Richard III that just cemented it for me.

I was enthralled and have been in love with our history ever since. From this point on I began researching history and my fascination for the war of the roses grew, until I just had to put pen to paper and write this book. I found that some of the history from the period of Richard III was missing, questions went unanswered and historians did not know the whole story. I decided to fill these gaps with that he surmised may have happened, and so the book ‘The Dreams of Kings’ was born.

David Saunders
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About the Author

David Saunders was born in Plymouth, UK, in 1949. After attending a grammar school, he spent six years serving in the Royal Air Force, followed by eight years of working for Estee Lauder, before starting his own manufacturing business. For David, the most difficult aspect of the writing process was finding time between life and family commitments. David hopes that people who read his story will be inspired to love history, and they will go on to read and study the factual period and the people who lived in it. Find out more at David's website www.thedreamsofkings.com

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