23 March 2018

Book Review - Kublai Khan: Khan of Mongol, Emperor of China, by in60Learning

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I know a little about Genghis Khan, but all I knew about his grandson Kublai Khan was from learning Samuel Taylor Coleridge's poem at school. 

As a test of the publisher's claims, I limited myself to just one hour for this book and found it clearly written and informative. 

I had no idea, for example, that Kublai Khan conquered Southern China, Korea, and half of Southeast Asia, or that although he was born a Tengrist, believing in shamanism and nature gods, he became a master of Tibetan Buddhism.

His empire lasted over four hundred years, and thrived under his administration. Kublai Khan did much to develop trade, education and scientific understanding. 

If you would like to learn more but have limited time, these short books seem like a useful way to do it.

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