4 May 2018

Book Review: Virgin to Victoria, by Trisha Hughes

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The Queen is dead. Long live the Queen follows on in time through Elizabeth's amazing life, the confusion of the Stuart dynasty, the devastation of a Civil War led by Oliver Cromwell and the turbulent and discordant Hanover dynasty with their 
intricate family squabbles.

There are many unanswered mysteries surrounding the life of Elizabeth I, the 'virgin' of the title of Trisha Hughes second book in the V 2 V series. I enjoyed the first book, Vikings to Virgin - The Hazards of Being King so was looking forward to this with high expectations.

I wasn't disappointed, as Trisha's lively and engaging style takes us on a grand tour of those who enjoyed wearing the crown from 1559 to 1838. Although I'd say I'm well informed about Elizabeth, I doubt I'm alone in being less knowledgeable about her successors, so this book is an accessible way to understand how our history was shaped over those very different eras.

This is history with an enjoyable irreverence. Queen Elizabeth 'threw a wobbler' when she heard her lover was secretly courting one of her ladies-in-waiting (Lettice Knollys). King James I (not handsome, not even close) is accused of fiddling with his codpiece, and 'no one had ever called Queen Anne glamourous. She had poor vision and was not very intelligent.'

The stories behind these monarchs are as strange as any you'll find in fiction, from Elizabeth's paranoia to King George III planting a juicy steak in the garden to see if it would grow. As Trisha Hughes says, 'these stories span hundreds of years of lust, betrayal, heroism, murder, cruelty and mysteries.'  What more could you ask for?

Tony Riches

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About the Author

Australian born Trisha Hughes began writing 18 years ago with her best-selling memoir ‘Daughters of Nazareth’. Trisha’s passion is history and she loves bringing it alive in a way that is easy to read and enjoy. Her hope is to inspire young readers and the young at heart to understand and enjoy stories and legends from the past. While living in Hong Kong, she writes for a local magazine and is involved with young writers. Find out more at Trisha’s website: www.trishahughesauthor.com and www.vikingstovirgin.com.  You can contact Trisha on her Facebook page, Trisha Hughes Author and on Twitter @TrishaHughes_

Disclosure: A review copy of this book was kindly provided by the publishers.  

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