5 May 2018

Poetry Spotlight: The Little Girl and the River and Other Poems, by Alessa Mark

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The Little Girl and the River and other poems is a refreshing take on human emotions – love, sorrow, happiness and much more. 

The collection of poems is a passionate portrayal of the vitality of love that supersedes loneliness, of hope and optimism in difficult times, of the power of dreams, and of how courage and the determined human spirit ultimately triumphs over the pervasive malice around.
The Little Girl and the River

The little girl sits by the riverside
Heavy her heart, her tears a tide
A shattered soul within, challenges her might
She budges a little, but chooses to fight
Hope is faint, no anchor to prod
Bruised and beaten, yet her dream is her god
An unknown strength nudges her spirit
A thorny path ahead, yet she cannot quit
Her past, she buries in a casket of gold
A few memories fond, the others she cannot hold
The river calm as it flows by
Seeks to embrace what her heart doesn’t defy
She finds her voice in the song of the river
How the waves persist despite the wind’s quiver
She sleeps in the elixir of joy for a while
As the river looks up and returns her smile…
The Little Girl and the River is also a beautiful ode to women power, fighting adversities with hope and courage, of their remarkable endurance and selfless devotion.

The poetry is inspiring and uplifting, in that it celebrates the power of the human spirit - of dreams and optimism and the ultimate victory of the resolute human soul over the vagaries of life.

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About the Author

Alessa Mark is an ebook author, poet and a freelance content writer. Her writings have appeared in local journals and blogs. She’s an MBA with a fervent passion towards writing from a very young age. Her poetry ebook 22 Poems on Love and Life! Memoirs and Reflection can be found on Amazon. Her hobbies include reading and writing short stories, traveling and cooking. Find out more at Alessa's website https://inspirationdailyforyou and find her on Twitter @Alessamark_1

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