13 May 2018

Guest Interview with Kaya Quinsey, Author of Paris Mends Broken Hearts

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Paris – the City of Light… the City of Love. What could be more romantic? A love story about falling in love with yourself, three women find themselves unexpectedly in Paris where they eat croissants, drink wine, and fall madly in love with... themselves?

I'd like to welcome Canadian author Kaya Quinsey:

Tell us about your latest book

I've always been inspired by books that take place in fantastic locations. I'm also a romantic at heart and wanted to write a love story with a contemporary twist. 'Happily ever after' can take many forms, and I made sure that was reflected. Undoubtedly a love story, love is that feeling when our heart is flooded with happiness. The three main characters in this novel learn just what brings them that immense joy. In this case, it is what they least expect.

Paris Mends Broken Hearts alternates between three main characters - Gwendoline, Delphine, and Margot - and takes place in post-WWII France and the 1980s respectively. A war-widow, Gwendoline travels to Paris and proves to herself, and everyone else, that there is life after lost love. Delphine is on her perfect honeymoon in Paris. What could go wrong? Margot is caught on a wayward journey to Paris, and in the process finds herself caught in an absurd love-triangle.  As all three of them find themselves unexpectedly in Paris over the summer, they indulge in wine, croissants, and learn about love.

What is your preferred writing routine?

I'm an early riser and I love writing after going for a run and getting ready for the day. Everything is calm and peaceful. I like to block off periods of time each day that I designate to writing. That way, I feel like the momentum continues.

What advice do you have for aspiring writers?

If you want to write, write!

What was the hardest scene you remember writing?

Without wanting to give away too much, there is a scene in Paris Mends Broken Hearts where Delphine confronts Nicholas. I found myself emotionally exhausted after writing and editing that chapter.

What are you planning to write next?

Right now, I'm writing my second novel based in the Basque Country in the present day. As with Paris Mends Broken Hearts, it is set in a beautiful and inspiring location, which I consider as integral to the plot as the characters themselves.

Kaya Quinsey

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About the Author

Kaya Quinsey, the author of ‘Paris Mends Broken Hearts’, is a born and raised Torontonian. She completed her undergraduate degree and master’s degree in psychology. Kaya’s passion for culture, travel, and psychology blend together for a reading style that is fun, full of surprises, and easy to read. A romantic at heart, Kaya’s writing offers a contemporary twist to traditional love stories. She hopes to inspire young women through her stories to fiercely chase their dreams. Find out more at Kaya’s website: www.kayaquinsey.com. You can contact Kaya on her Instagram page @kayaquinsey and on Twitter @kayaquinsey.

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