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22 July 2014

New Book Review ~ The Cold Cold Sea by Linda Huber

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Publication date 1st August 2014

I was already reading one book, with at least two others in my ‘to be read’ pile when I picked up Linda Huber’s chilling new novel The Cold Cold Sea. The idea had me hooked from the first page - and I couldn't put it down until I was past the point of no return, as you just have to know how it ends.

A skilfully told story of every parent’s nightmare, Linda Huber explores how grief and guilt can ruin an otherwise idyllic life.  The sheer normality of her character’s world make it all the more shocking, as we realise the appalling truth of what has happened.

I shouldn't have been surprised that Linda had an unexpected twist, just when I thought I knew it was going to turn out. I try to spare my ‘five out five stars’ for books that really deserve it. The Cold Cold Sea is one of those books. Highly recommended!    

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About the Author

Linda Huber lives in Arbon, on the banks of Lake Constance in Switzerland. She was born in Glasgow and left to work as a physiotherapist in Switzerland for a year. She says, 'That year has stretched – I’m still here, but now I teach English as a foreign language in a castle dating from around 1250.' With over fifty short stories and articles printed in women’s magazines, Linda's first novel The Paradise Trees was published in September 2013 and her second book The Cold Cold Sea, will be published by Legend Press on 1st August 2014. Find out more at Linda's website and follow her on Twitter @LindaHuber19 and Facebook.

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  1. Excellent review - well done Linda, looking forward to reading it :-)


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